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      Our Relaxing Massage Oil is the sensual & arousing spark you and your partner need to loosen up and spice things up in the bedroom. We won’t tell ;)

      Key Benefits

      • Improves mood for sensual pleasure
      • Relieves muscle & joint pain
      • Moisturizes dry skin

      Scent Profile
      Floral & sweet

      Massage Oil
      About This Product
      How To Use
      Frequently Asked Questions

      How to use Relaxing Massage Oil?

      To use our Relaxing Massage Oil, simply apply 1-2 pumps of the massage oil between hands, rub your hands together to warm up the oil, and massage onto desired areas focusing on areas where there are knots & signs of stress. 


      What are the benefits of Relaxing Massage Oil?

      Relaxing Massage Oil is expertly crafted with sweet, creamy Vanilla Essential Oils to get you in the mood for sensual pleasure. It also relieves sore muscles & joint pains, while its skin moisturizing properties will leave your skin supple for an irresistible appeal.