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      A herbaceous & refreshing oil to sharpen your focus & soothe headaches on busy days.

      Key Benefits

      • Sharpens concentration
      • Relieves headaches
      • Relaxes tense muscles

      Scent Profile
      Herbaceous & refreshing

          Essential Oil
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          Frequently Asked Questions

          What is Basil Essential Oil good for?

          Basil Essential Oil is a stimulating scent that helps to boost and sharpen concentration. It’s also used as a remedy for headaches and easing tense muscles, this oil will make sure you can go about your day with ease. Perfect for keeping your productivity levels up! 


          How to use Holy Basil Essential Oil?

          Holy Basil Essential Oil  has a refreshing aroma that calms stress and headaches, making it ideal for creating peaceful living spaces when diffused. The focus boosting properties also enhance your workspace for all-day productivity.


          How can I use Basil Oil for acne?

          Basil Essential Oil clears breakouts and leaves your skin feeling soothed with its antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties.