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      Bay Laurel Leaf
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      You’ll always feel at your best with this spicy oil. Enjoy ache-free days & flaunt-worthy hair that wows the crowds.

      Key Benefits
      Relieves muscle & joint pain
      Promotes hair growth
      Helps with calmer sleep

      Scent Profile:
      Herbaceous & fresh with balsamic notes

          Bay Laurel Leaf
          Essential Oil
          About This Product
          How To Use
          Frequently Asked Questions

          How to use Bay Leaf Essential Oil?

          Bay Leaf Essential Oil is a confidence booster that can super-charge your body. This herbaceous oil relieves muscle and joint aches, while helping to promote sleep for better energy daily. 


          What is Bay Leaf Essential Oil used for?

          Basil Leaf Essential Oil has been used in greek medicine to heal headaches, calm stress and boost vitality. The refreshing oil can be diffused to create peaceful environments or applied topically to soothe muscles after workouts.


          How can I use Bay Laurel Oil for muscle aches?

          Dilute about 1-2 one drops of essential oils for every tablespoon of our skin-friendly Carrier Oils, apply topically on achy muscles for great relief.