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      Organic Frankincense
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      Earthy, balsamic & spiritual, our Organic Frankincense Oil helps center mind & spirit on the busiest of days, and is wondrous for youthful, calmed complexions.

      Key Benefits

      • Promotes peaceful minds
      • Reduces signs of skin aging
      • Soothes irritated skin

      Scent Profile
      Woodsy, earthy & balsamic

      Organic Frankincense
      Organic Essential Oil
      About This Product
      How To Use
      Frequently Asked Questions

      What are the uses and benefits of Organic Frankincense Essential Oil?

      Organic Frankincense Essential Oil is ultra-soothing, which helps you rediscover balance and peace of mind, and is perfect for finding calm on busy days. It’s healing rejuvenating properties can also be used to smooth out signs of aging and restore your youthful, smooth complexion.


      How to use pure Organic Frankincense Essential Oil?

      Dilute about 1-2 drops of essential oils for every tablespoon of our skin-friendly Carrier Oils, apply topically for smooth, hydrated skin that glows.